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Mirko Capitanelli Vitelloni Band Juri Bittoni
Marco Casagrande Alfio Vernuccio Matteo Torregiani Claudio Fenucci Giacomo Paggi Luigi Sebastianelli Renato Ramazzotti Daniele Barigelli Giovanni Pellegrini Serena Api Gioele Gabarrini
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Serena Api (Female Vocals) Daniele Barigelli (Male Vocals)
Juri Bittoni (Sax Alto) Mirko Capitanelli (Sax Alto)
Marco Casagrande-Ugolino (Drums) Claudio Fenucci (Tenor Sax)
Gioele Gabarrini (Trumpet) Giacomo Paggi (Piano&Keyboards)
Giovanni Pellegrini (Trumpet) Renato Ramazzotti (Trombones)
Luigi Sebastianelli (Trombones) Matteo Torreggiani (Bass Guitar)
Alfio Vernuccio (Electric Guitar)


Imagine being in a harem spaparanzati the most comfortable sofa that has ever been patented .... done? Well hours even imagine having a coffee table in front of you with over a bottle of good Burgundy and a dozen dishes with delicacy in the best cooked by top chefs on the international scene ... done?
Ok, now add a sea view on stacks of Capri and below a typical Caribbean beach, and you well over 7 geisha there combine all the colors ... Done?

Claudio Fenucci

Well, we have serious reasons to believe that the calf Claudio even in a fairy-tale like this that we have made imagine, would have something on which to argue!

Perfectionist by nature, scassaminchia by vocation, the calf Father Claudio is the founder of beef Band, who since the dawn of time has strongly wanted this formation, took the mud, spit on us, and created the calf Juri.
At that point both have scatarrato for a while 'on the other mud and pulled out the calf Matthew, Mark and Luigi, who have joined the general spittoons and all together have created the James and Alfio calves and then the Syrian heifers Serena and then again Vitellone Renato and so on, until they spit in eleven or twelve top of the mud came out of the calf Daniele who is still dries his face.

Claudio was born in 1967 and began the tender age of 12 years his musical career with the complex "LISCIO ADRIATICO" with the facility it is now publicly counts with a concert at Butler of Suasa .... (By Vabbè, jokes)!
Incidentally, he begins to take lessons sax with the band town of Serra De' Conti which comes shortly after joining. Claudio is not a person who changes easily training, is a serious person, one who pays taxes (Ah Ah Ah!), and the mid-eighties still find it to be part of Smooth Adriatic when the fateful card calls to arms.
Claudio, from that model citizen and who is blameless, would have liked to fight and sacrifice for the homeland, without confident and fearless, but alas, one day it felt playing the sax and put in charge of MILITARY BAND OF RIMINI (like to put RAMBO to do the master of embroidery)!

After this disappointment Claudio takes a rest from music, but around the mid-nineties, come back with his sax in a smooth formation of call I DIADEMA with which sound until the late nineties. Along with this new training the calf Claudio also found the pleasure of playing the door, in 1998, the triumphant return in Banda town of Serra De'Conti at the competition in the Borro Toscana.
The rest is recent history in 2003 as mentioned above base BAND beef, and if up to now not you know where they were coming out of these twelve "scalzacani", now you know who to blame!

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