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Mirko Capitanelli Vitelloni Band Juri Bittoni
Marco Casagrande Alfio Vernuccio Matteo Torregiani Claudio Fenucci Giacomo Paggi Luigi Sebastianelli Renato Ramazzotti Daniele Barigelli Giovanni Pellegrini Serena Api Gioele Gabarrini
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Serena Api (Female Vocals) Daniele Barigelli (Male Vocals)
Juri Bittoni (Sax Alto) Mirko Capitanelli (Sax Alto)
Marco Casagrande-Ugolino (Drums) Claudio Fenucci (Tenor Sax)
Gioele Gabarrini (Trumpet) Giacomo Paggi (Piano&Keyboards)
Giovanni Pellegrini (Trumpet) Renato Ramazzotti (Trombones)
Luigi Sebastianelli (Trombones) Matteo Torreggiani (Bass Guitar)
Alfio Vernuccio (Electric Guitar)


The calf Daniel, was born in Bethlehem of Judea in a manger, however, since a calf is very humble and does not like that attitude, say very simply that was born in Ostra (AN), in 1977. Since its first bellows, showed outstanding quality of music and musical beauty and an uncommon intelligence and... on the texts of history we have not found anything that could then explain how our hero has been reduced in its present state!

Apart from the performances to elementary schools, the career of Daniel calf begins in 1989 when, in the first media, brings on stage with her class "the Poro Contadi 'Fadiga E CANTA", a comedy comedy in two acts written by Prof.. Bruno Morbidelli and directed by Maestro Roberto Re Daniele learns from which the first basic "knowledge" of theater. The experiment gives good results, so the following year Professor. Morbidelli writes a historical comedy-humorous life di Ostra to medieval times, which is presented to Serra San Quirico in the competition for drama schools, where collecting large consensus.

Daniele Barigelli

Also in 1990, Daniel was called by the company Ostrense of "'NA GULUPPA DE Laughter" for the party of interpret Nespoli Ancona in the famous comedy "The IMBRIAGO", which for the occasion is revisited in Ostrense and renamed "Zibibbo PACCALOSSI". The following year the troupe of Casine of Ostra again the same dialect comedy but pure Anconeta, and it is here that Daniel began to explore the use of different accents of our language.

In 1994 the Vitellone in question comes to music, along with some childhood friends began playing in a basement thus forming the group of SDAR, whose name here failed to specify the meaning, for the simple reason that today Daniele, when it is not beef, has a certain reputation.

In 1996, Daniel finally comes to the musical stage, it does so with the group of "mad cow" (you swear it is true, even the beef issue for him is becoming quite embarrassing). The mad cow disease, which proposed a reperorio Italian rock music and foreign, in the summer only collect well thirteen concerts, but since we know that this thirteenth has always sfiga, the group was dissolved a year later and his ashes are spread in the wind, (the latter phrase has nothing to do with anything but it was very poetic).

In 2000, thanks to a Danilo Marinelli, Daniele back on stage and cimenta for the first time with the Musical, and with a real "ironclad" eighty people from Ripe, and Castelcolonna Monterado headed by the director Mirko Minucci port scene in the "PEOPLE COME UNDER" of Castellacci-Paulicelli, where among others, interprets the part of devil's and Francis. This musical collecting a really unexpected success, and is required by all municipalities, reaching the Palace of Congresses of San Benedetto del Tronto, or, for instance, where are the presets for the competition of Miss Italia (now you understand eh! Brutti hogs!).

In 2002, our hero, in the wake of the glories of the "PEOPLE COME UNDER", is called the troupe "NOISE OUT SCENE" to interpret the part of Frank Hey in the musical "SISTER ACT" directed by the director Gianluca Ricciotti, knows where the Manza Serena, who will guide you to in the summer of 2004, in that great green lawn, where hopes are born who are called beef !!!!!!

Great return to pure theater in 2005 when the youth group "Theater & Dance" by Ripe, led by beautiful girls and Silvia Elena Morbidelli Artibani and directed by Giovanna Diamantini, proposes the comedy "Footprints in the Desert", history freely (or ... ... almost) from the book De Saint Exuperit, "The Little Prince" Daniele where interpretation of the party. Even in winter of 2005 to find the Fenice in Senigallia and nell'abbazia Benedictine San Lorenzo in the company with "Noises Off scene" to interpret the part of St. Francis in "MOTHER TERESA ... the musical" directed by Gianluca Ricciotti, who in subsequent calls again to interpret the difficult part of Quasimodo in the Hunchback of "Notre Dame". In the winter of 2006, we stacanovista the indomitable stage will join the cultural circulation "La Gioconda" for a performance of music-theater works Shakespeariane married together with the music of Queen, which will be shown on stage by the Group of Ostrense Korona... (more ... unless unforeseen route).

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