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Mirko Capitanelli Vitelloni Band Juri Bittoni
Marco Casagrande Alfio Vernuccio Matteo Torregiani Claudio Fenucci Giacomo Paggi Luigi Sebastianelli Renato Ramazzotti Daniele Barigelli Giovanni Pellegrini Serena Api Gioele Gabarrini
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Serena Api (Female Vocals) Daniele Barigelli (Male Vocals)
Juri Bittoni (Sax Alto) Mirko Capitanelli (Sax Alto)
Marco Casagrande-Ugolino (Drums) Claudio Fenucci (Tenor Sax)
Gioele Gabarrini (Trumpet) Giacomo Paggi (Piano&Keyboards)
Giovanni Pellegrini (Trumpet) Renato Ramazzotti (Trombones)
Luigi Sebastianelli (Trombones) Matteo Torreggiani (Bass Guitar)
Alfio Vernuccio (Electric Guitar)


Me, "the musician":
Birth-date= 08/09/1982

Giacomo Paggi starts when he was 5 years old to "play by ear" (it would be too early to use the verb "to play") some melodies, listened on TV-spots, with a music-keyboard (a toy) gave to him by his mother-uncle.

He starts to learn how to play piano when he was 6 years old but it stops it soon after some attemps to learn some training exercises (thoose exercises on piano where you have to raise your hands and after a little time-break put your fingers in a proper keys).

Giacomo Paggi

One years later he starts to study music with the teacher Roberto Mori moving from learing piano to music-keyboard (it's a tradeoff between piano and organ). He grew-up playing pop-music in the Christmas-holiday with his relatives-band composed by his father (bass-guitar), his uncle (electric-guitar and singer), his mother (singer) and all of his relatives singing occasionally popular and Christmas-songs (in Christmas period).

Its first exhibition in public was in june 1993 on a school-play together with other people and class-mates who were singing.

He starts studying to learn how to play clarinet with the big musician Mirko Barani on occasion of the celebrations for the local symphonic band so called "Centenaria Società Concertistica di Serra de' Conti". He join the band on 04/11/1995.

He stops to learn how to play music-keyboard because of the movement of the music-school in another place, but still, he continues to play the keyboard by himself.

His first exhibition on playing with a band was in june 1996 with a band so called SP4 (later renamed as Stop 5) composed by some of his classmates and cousing who were learning how to play alto saxophone and trumpet.

When he was 16 years-old he start to go deeper on studying clarinet still with his musician-teacher Mirko Barani in order to take exams as private student to the music-conservatory G.Rossini in Pesaro. Unfortunatelly he stops this study 3 years later because of time (he had to study more for the final high-school exam) without taking any exams to the conservatory but keeping his passion for music.

He playied from october 2000 to march 2001 with a blues-band exhibited on public place only once in a pub close to Serra de' Conti.

He plays occasionally to weeding-cerimony with some singers of his geographic-zone.

Since october 2002 he plays with VITELLONI BAND giving reality to his biggest musical-dream done since he was a child, i.e. to play with a blues-band composed of brasses and with those musician that since he was a child, inspired him, with their passion to prepare himself to play in order to be able to join them and play together with them in a wonderful day!

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