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Mirko Capitanelli Vitelloni Band Juri Bittoni
Marco Casagrande Alfio Vernuccio Matteo Torregiani Claudio Fenucci Giacomo Paggi Luigi Sebastianelli Renato Ramazzotti Daniele Barigelli Giovanni Pellegrini Serena Api Gioele Gabarrini
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Serena Api (Female Vocals) Daniele Barigelli (Male Vocals)
Juri Bittoni (Sax Alto) Mirko Capitanelli (Sax Alto)
Marco Casagrande-Ugolino (Drums) Claudio Fenucci (Tenor Sax)
Gioele Gabarrini (Trumpet) Giacomo Paggi (Piano&Keyboards)
Giovanni Pellegrini (Trumpet) Renato Ramazzotti (Trombones)
Luigi Sebastianelli (Trombones) Matteo Torreggiani (Bass Guitar)
Alfio Vernuccio (Electric Guitar)


At the time of the birth of the calf Renato, was not yet scheduled recording age, so we had to turn to an old Santone has withdrawn from time to a hermitage called Montale that, after consulting his sacred mouth of Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi, we Renato informed that came to the world in the year began work to facilitate the reunification of the Nile River reasonable, then around 1965.

Renato Ramazzotti live a peaceful childhood with his brother Eros and his elder brother AMARO, which then become infamous for its difficult relationship with alcohol.

Renato Ramazzotti

In 1979 Renato feel for the first time the strong appeal of music and after assiduous studies Dealing with ringing his trombone with which becomes part of Banda town of Serra de' Conti. With the band Renato turns a bit all makes and the surrounding area until you get to bypass the piave playing in French territory.
Having entered in the military band of Pisa, now when the affinity with his instrument seems achieved, and a wide range of fans identified as Renato Mr.Trombone, has been age or by performance anxiety... do not know, but he at once decided to change course, change instrument, so begins to study the Fricorno baritone, an instrument which most people hitherto ignored the existence... a bit like going to the competitors' Island Of Popular.

In 2003, however, Renato feels for the second time the high point of his trombone that pushes the duty and so, armed with a massive dose of viagra and other toning continue to operate its instrument to be back so Mr.Trombone within Band newborn calf.

Today, Renato, has rediscovered the serenity of a defined time and loves the average person, remember that historic phrase on the lips of celebrities such Pacciani, Buscetta, Dr. Jackill and Ignazio La Russa!

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