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Mirko Capitanelli Vitelloni Band Juri Bittoni
Marco Casagrande Alfio Vernuccio Matteo Torregiani Claudio Fenucci Giacomo Paggi Luigi Sebastianelli Renato Ramazzotti Daniele Barigelli Giovanni Pellegrini Serena Api Gioele Gabarrini
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The band proposes an enthralling repertory of music Dance '70s, R&B, Rock & Swing

La Vitelloni Band (Ladri di biciclette)
Lady marmelade Hold on Knock on wood
Venus - Long train running
Don't Let me be Misunderstand
I Will Survive

The show offered by the band is hence suitable both for listening and dancing

The band is composed by 13 people:
* Rithmic section:
      Drums (Marco Casagrande-Ugolino)
      Bass-guitar (Matteo Torreggiani)
      Electric-guitar (Alfio Vernuccio)
      Piano&Keyboards (Giacomo Paggi)
* Vocal section:
      Male singer (Daniele Barigelli)
      Female singer (Serena Api)
* Brass section:
      Trumpets (Giovanni Pellegrini and Gioele Gabarrini)
      Alto Sax (Juri Bittoni and Mirko Capitanelli)
      Tenor Sax (Claudio Fenucci)
      Trombones (Luigi Sebastianelli and Renato Ramazzotti)

The band is equipped with his own PA systems suitable both for indoor and outdoor spots.

Even if the band is quite "crowed", it fits even in very small places to play.

Technical requirement: A power-line 380VAC 5 poles point from 32A or 16A that allows minimun load of 8kW.

   E-mail: info@vitelloniband.it
   Mobile: +39 340.5390408 (Giacomo Paggi)

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