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Vitelloni is an italian word that means Bullocks!
The bullocks were born...were born... The bullocks were not born! They have always been existed, since when the Neanderthal-man, on waking-up in the morning on the Dusseldorf-spot said:
meaning on the ancient neanderthalese-language: "today i don't wanna do any fucking thing!".

To be a bullock is actually to be a kind of Cytoplasm, that needs the use of human-bodies to survive. It moves from an human being to the each-other by a process of phsyco-metha-biosis, hence the faces could change, but the essence keeps itself forever, like the beeing in office of the US-president, with the only difference that the the bullock, usually, doesn't break the balls to anybody!

Typical symptoms that are usefull to identify a bullock are:

1) The complete absence of what human being are used to call as "work-propensity"

2) Abnormal intelligence cleverly masked by an abnormal idiocy.

3) A persistent and continuative randyness.

4) The appetite of Giuliano Ferrara in a bronze-body of Riace but resident in Serra de' Conti

5) An excuse that is always ready to be presented even in an evident fragrance.

6) Natural propension to entertain and make people having fun (at this place, a few readers could be wondering a question to which i wanna give an answer now: -"No, Silvio Berlusconi in a politician, not a bullock".

7) Do not steal

8) Emerson

9) Wish to have all women, but take care! What out that your woman does not have to realize it!

10) To avoid to extincion of the race, it reproduce itself continuosly and..breeds, breeds, breeds..shit,the bullocks really breed!

On literature we can retrieve the the sign of some Bullocks who made the history, for instance like as the bullock Alighieri, that under the effect of overdose of laurels got so mad to write such a big papers so called "Divine Commedy".
Or like as the Bullock Nerone, who was popular on his age to be a funny chap. It was so much that somebody thinks that he was the inventor of the joint. Indeed, it was when i was firing a joint in Rome when it happened what everybody knows and he got famous to be a pyromaniac.
Hence the Bullocks have always been existed and now, finally, some of them (13 to be precise) founded the each-other and met in a band of blues-music and revival 70's-80's. The last meeting of that relevant-size raise on the famous movie produced by Federico Fellini (the name was "I Vitelloni"); obviously the Bullocks nowdays looks different respect to the past, i (the singer), for instance, before to the last phsyco-metha-biosis was in the body of Marcello Mastroianni (an italian actor), but now fortunatelly i am much more beatifull!
In any case, if you want to discover the secrets, if you want to meet them, if you males want to give them respect, if you females want to give...it (you know what we mean), just enter in the website and you will moo of pleasure!

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